Live! Dora Bondy & the Bondages, BRN, 19.06.16!

Live! Dora Bondy & the Bondages, BRN, 19.06.16!

This year Kultur Aktiv enriches the musical program of the so called BUNTE REPUBLIK NEUSTADT (BRN; en.: COLOURED REPUBLIC OF NEUSTADT ) with a brillant highlight from the Czech Republic. DORA BONDY honours us with a live concert together with her new band “Dora Bondy & the Bondages” on 19th of June 2016 up from 9:15pm at the stage ‘Parkbühne’ at Martin-Luther-Platz, near Café Neustadt. She already was a guest at BRN in former years, at that time playing in Lustgarten. So, keep enough energy left a smart finale of BRN with Dora Bondy!

Dora Bondy is a Czech singer and songwriter, partly living in Prague and Brazil. In Prague she is visiting a professional singing classes led by prof. Helena Malikova and she is studying there on Faculty of Law at Charles University.
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Dora Bondy is no newbie on the music scene and her strong, rough voice you can here in several bands. Her carrier started in a band called Maleedivy, up from the year 2008 she is part of a reggae band Larika, which she went on a tour in Brazil with. From the year 2013 she sings in a renewed band from the 90s called Forbidden Fruit (rap with a live band).

Nowadays she is also involved in a project called Dora Bondy &the Bondages, which she founded in 2013. Dora combines in her music Latino, reggae, soul and jazz music. She cooperated with musicians such as Danim Robinsonem, Geoffem Tysonem, Lushianem Larroa and others.

Except of the music projects mentioned above she is involved also in a professional  composition of music and songwriting.

Her debut album Fool Moon will be out in 2016.

Visit Dora Bondys Website.

The concert takes place as part of our cooperation with the Kramle-Festival in Decín/CZ. The project “Festival of connected worlds” is supported by the Czech-German Futurefond and the Program “WIR für Sachsen”.