10 meters of Metz -mit Aleksey Manukyan, 03.06.2014

On June 3rd 2014 Armenian artist Aleksey Manukyan has presented an art performance that happened last year in Metz/France. Manukyam has copied the street’s profile with a piece of charcoal. That way, a structure showing us that the soil below our feet is more than just ground to stand on was brought into existence. Since 2011 Manukyan has realized “10 meters” in seven places already, among them Dresden/DE, Diyarbakir/Tigranakert/TR (2011), Nancy/FR, Shushi/Karabagh, Brussels/BE (2012), Metz/FR and Lublin/PL (2013).

The presentation took place in public space, in a parking lot at Böhmische Strasse near the Nordbad passage, 9 – 11pm. The event is a part of “Transkaukazja – Caucasian trails in Europe”.

“10 meters of Metz” – Art screening in public space with Aleksey Manukyan
06/03/2014| 9pm | parking lot Böhmische Straße near the Nordbad passage

“In art, all media find their meaning through the individual consciousness of an artist. Aleksey Manukyan’s “10 meters” project (manhole can range), can be viewed as a significant project in the context of contemporary art. By travelling abroad, Gyumri artist concentrated his attention on the ground which has a conceptual philosophical meaning, and functions as an international, human, and intercultural means of communication.  By composing art on the ground the author tries to review the traditional approach towards art: museum art that contradicts the idea of street art.

By having the subconscious idea of coins being round, metal, resistant and strong, the concept finds its logical explanation in the “10 meters” project. The round shape of the coin coincides with the shape of a manhole cover. The manhole cover is viewed as a new exit, as freedom. By copying the Dresden, Copenhagen, Istanbul and Gyumri street –manhole covers, the creator is entering in a silent dialogue with “values” that are under the feet, that join the memories of internal and external time, points of consciousness, which hide the relationship of the dead and alive. This medium also establishes the artist as a witness, and the actors are the manhole covers. Manhole covers of each country are exceptionally unique, and can be considered the stamp, or even the seal of a country’s national identity.”

Soyan Gohar

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