“Borderland 02763” in Großhennersdorf

Are borders necessary or should we just tear them down? Are there differences in the perception of borders in EU- and non-EU-countries? How are societies and landscapes divided by borderlines? Which borders do we and others face on a daily basis? Do we need them and what does it mean to cross them? And what can the internet affect this?

From 07/03-07/14 in Großhennersdorf, these and other questions were addressed by yound people from 8 countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, France, Georgia, Poland, The Czech Republic, Turkey and Germany. In workshops (visual arts/installation, music and theater, video/audio production) they looked creatively into the topic “borders” in all its diversity.
In content-related units about crossing borders and international co-operation on the internet –“Breaking Borders with Social Media”- they exchanged experiences and developed concepts of an enduring, border crossing communication.

Events, results and experiences of the participants were captured on a blog.

Großhennersdorf and the Oberlausitz borderland with their cultural facilities and the people, who have been committed to cross-border comprehension for years are on the agenda with a reason. Besides trips to the border triangle and to Görlitz/Zgorzelec, meetings toom place with persons engaged in the cultural sector from the environment of the Hillersche Villa and the Umweltbibliothek Großhennersdorf. Thereby, especially the participants from the Caucasus could exchange experiences and develop ideas.

On 07/13 at 7pm, every interested person had the opportunity to experience the project’s final presentation at Kronenkino Zittau. There, the participants presented their common experiences in form of pictures, music and performances. The entry was free. The group also took part in the Department Walk and the Transcaucasian picnic organized by the project Transkaukazja 2013(also organized by Kultur Aktiv).

Supported by the European Commission’s program “YOUTH in ACTION” and the Sächsische Landesanstalt für privaten Rundfunk und neue Medien (SLM). In co-operation with Hillersche Villa Zittau, Tagungshaus im Dreieck Ziottau and numerous partners from the participating countries.

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