“engaged.eu” Veranstaltung zur Europawoche 03.05. – 15.05.2013

„Engaged.eu“enabled us to bring a series of events in the framework of this year’s European Week into existence that presented examples of social commitment in Middle and Eastern Europe to the public in Dresden (and Saxony).

The presentations, debates and exhibitions reflected a typically European variety of social, ecological and cultural commitment from different regions in Middle and Eastern Europe.

We’ve chosen this program willfully in order to open ourselves to the part of Europe that is not yet a part of the EU family – because that’s the place where our association Kultur Aktiv has committed itself socially and culturally for years.

In authentic presentation and exciting debates it was shown, that Europe can’t be reduced to fiscal or economic issues. It has a lot more to offer than a full-scale financial crisis! Like cultural diversity and creative potentials that can be attached to the people who commit themselves in Europe. To show this is what we want with our association that has been presenting and networking art and culture on a European and a local level for years. Commitment is one of the most important potentials of Europe and it was the issue of our series of events “engaged.eu” from May 3 to May 15 2013!

The presentations introduced the cities and towns of Banská Bystrica (SK), Minsk (BY), Moscow (RU), Pinsk (BY), Rosia Montana (RO), Skopje (MK) and Dresden, our Hometown. They were done by people who were either born in one of these places or are directly and authentically related to them. They dealt with the locals’ commitment in a versatile, sometimes even controversial way that kept always close to the people. The presentations were complemented by a photo exhibition, debates and musical contributions. Hence “engaged.eu” could inspirit the people’s participation in Europe. At the same time it constituted our contribution to a “Citizen’s Europe”.

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