Belarussisch-Deutsche Straßenmusik mit Версия und Solche

Spontaneously we can present you again some fresh music from the east. Come with us to the Alaunpark on Sunday to summery street music.

The rock band “Versiya” was founded at the end of the 90’s in Polozk and due to its originality it quickly became known far beyond the city borders in Belarus. The songs of bandleader Pavel Slepzov contain interesting and contradictory features of modern society and literally keep the listener in suspense. Versiya” is the winner of the Belarusian competition “rok-koly” (translated “Rock-Rad”) and performs regularly in clubs in Vitebsk and Minsk. “Versiya” always tries to express her emotions not only through the explosive mixture of rhythm and drive, but also through her lively lyrics. The result is fresh and thoughtful guitar rock with Belarusian lyrics.



The Band Solche with their acoustic instruments, they prove that the desire to infabulate complex lyrics and danceable rock attitude are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

The exact location of the event in the park will be announced shortly before. Or you just prick up your ears and find your way to music!

14. July 2019

19:00 - 22:00



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