Conference MusicMatch 2019

MusicMatch Festival 2019

MusicMatch is a festival and conference for music. This year the focus is on the political dimension of music. What responsibility and possibilities does the music scene have to change society positively and can and should it position itself politically?

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+++ Zugezogen Maskulin +++

With their music, Zugezogen Maskulin, who are drawn in, deliver the statement of an angry band. Unlike the current Deutschrap, they bring the socially critical roots of hip hop back to the stage and take a furious look at the political and social developments of recent years. Their current album “Alle gegen Alle”, which refers to the punk legends of Slime, doesn’t shy away from the shadow of their own past and doesn’t stop at their own shallows.

+++ Yetundey +++

Yetundey brings Hip-Hop, Afro-Beats and Trap to the MusicMatch Festival with a lot of flow, skills and humor. She effortlessly switches between different rap genres. The music is held together by deep basses, her lyrics are peppered with ironic social criticism. To her song “Yeye from Africa” she says: “It is about me as a black person in Saxony”. An exciting perspective that we are looking forward to at the MusicMatch Festival.

+++ Der Bürgermeister der Nacht +++

Mannheim was the first German city to have a night mayor, Dresden follows to the MusicMatch Festival with “Der Bürgermeister der Nacht”. For the Hamburg band the signs are escalation, change and desecration of the known structures! In hypnotic pophyms they rule over nightlife culture, passions and excess and, as mayors of the dark side of each city, create their own mythology.

+++ FCKR +++

Trio from Leipzig – in the broadest sense punk – with NDW influences and brought to the point. Minimalistic beat and groovy bass drive forward, guitar skilfully sets accents and is accompanied by synthesizer tips, yes and the vocals, which tell in simple national language (with a little slang) of what is in D, on the world and shit in general. Those who don’t roar along and fall in beer laughter are allowed to pull the rivets out of their jackets.

6. April 2019

20:30 - 23:59


Alaunstraße 36-40

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