Stammtisch yOUR Community 2019

Stammtisch – yOUR Community

At past regular club meetings (Stammtisch), we and our members fanned the anticipation of upcoming projects, project participants reported on their latest events, trips and activities, and we fantasized about future projects.

The next regulars’ table will be dedicated to yOUR Community, a project that has been making a contribution to the integration of refugees and migrants since 2016 with leisure-time educational offers. We would like to use this regular’s table for the project conception and idea forge, not only with our members and further active ones from the association surrounding field but likewise the circle for further engaged ones, idea givers and creative ones open.

One of the main questions of the evening will be: how can the circle of participants at events be mixed even more? Our offers are open for all persons, whether with or without escape/migration background. But which offers would be interesting, in order to win also people from the neighboorhood for the events and activities?

Do you have any ideas for workshops or excursions? Or what about a completely different orientation of the actions?

Let’s work together on needs and concepts for an even better combination of integration work and creative potential.

6. June 2019

19:00 - 21:00


Bottom’s Up
Martin Luther Straße 31

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