Several activities are embraced by the term nEUROPA. It stands for a new Europe in which protagonists support the peaceful and tolerant exchange of arts and culture. 25 years after the end of the Cold War there are still or again many borders that obstruct exchange. Kultur Aktiv contacts networks, supports structures of civil society and directly connects artists and people.  The orange dwarfs that we use in tradition of the Orange Alternative (a Polish political and artistic movement from the 1980s) assist us with that.

Radio nEUROPA – monthly radio show at the local broadcasting station coloRadio in the frame of the project Transkaukazja

Radio nEUROPA – Internet portal for cultural exchange at in the frame of the project Transkaukazja


Club nEUROPA – International conference for cultural exchange from 26.-28.09.2014 in Dresden/Germany. For more informtion click here!

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