UKRAINE calling! Offenes Treffen am 22.02.2014

During the last days, the events around the protests against Yanukowich’s government int the Ukraine have come thick and fast and reached a new, sad peak of violence. Hence Kultur Aktiv and Galerie Neue Osten would like to invite everyone who is interested to an open meeting on Saturday, 02/22/2014, 5pm at Galerie Neue Osten, Bautzner Str. 49, 01099 Dresden. Togetehr we want to follow the situation, exchange opinions, contact our acquaintances in the Ukraine and light candles in order to commemorate the casualties on both sides.

“It is important to us to show, that the Ukraine also affects us in Dresden” says Mirko Sennewald who has been committed to the cultural exchange with the Ukraine for years. “It was only in November, when a group of Ukrainian photographers were our guests. Their exhibition at Galerie Neue Osten was a great success and showed how much interest in the Ukraine there is in Dresden”, Sennewald says. Remaining prints from the exhibition “EXPECTATIONS” about the Ukrainian Hutzuls can be purchased at the meeting.100% of the proceeds will benefit the Ukrainian photographers.

Unfortunately, the situation of information about the events in Germany is often somewhat superficial”, Sennewald explains. “Therefore, based on eyewitness reports and personal contacts of our association’s work we want to provide information that would otherwise get lost in the news coverage”, Sennewald says.

In Dresden, many people follow the events in the Ukraine with concolence. Some of them are worried about the fate of relatives and friends, others remember the change in the GDR that fortunately went off peacefully and has its 25th anniversary this year. In memory of that we ask everyone to bring candles that we want to light and arrange inside and in front of the gallery for a minute of silence at 6 pm!

UKRAINE calling!
Open meeting about the events in the Ukraine
Saturday, 02/22/2014
photo op at 6pm!
Bautzner Str. 49, 01099 Dresden

Bring candles, please!

Click here for information about the upcoming exhibition “Vergessene Kinder” with Elena Pagel and Marina Kochneva. Opening on 03/07/2014.

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