Winterreisen – Altai (Marcus Oertel)

Marcus Oertel_Altai_Foto Elena Pagel_avatarRussian Tibet: A Travel through the Mountains of Altai

In the summer of 2013, after Nowosibirks and Barnaul, we headed directly to the Altain Mountains, also known as Rissian Tibet, where Russia borders on Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. This is a region with thousands of years of cultural history, a region populated by the proud Altai people and a region that has breathtaking nature, that you should discover, without the progressive touristic infrastructure. Following the only street there, through the whole wild region of Ulagan, we reached the valley of Tschulyschman and went further to the Shore of Telezker Lake. Here, in front of the warm Lagoon, time stands still. Driftwood, Altaic children and the famous wild horses are passing by. This was a trip to the end of the world and a proof that in Siberia it doesn’t  have to be cold all the time.

02/19/2014, 8pm
Atelier Schwartz, Förstereistr.3, 01099 Dresden
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