Winterreisen: Kasachstan (Iwa Pawlak) & Die Karpaten (Anna Perepechai)

On 12 March there will be as many as two presentations! Our European Volunteers Anna and Iwa will each tell stories of their journeys to the Ukrainian Carpathians and to Kazakhstan.

The presentations will be in English.

Kazakhstan (Iwa Pawlak)

“Once upon a time I’ve decided to make a lonely trip to a place `off the map`. Now I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you and give some tips how to survive in half wild, partly nomad Kazakhstan. So if you want to know how to act in a typical Banya, why Kazakhs in rural areas don’t use furniture or what had happened with the Aral Lake, don’t miss the meeting in Atelier Schwartz.”

The Carpathians (Anna Perepechai)

“You will never understand Ukraine unless you go hiking in the Carpathians. There you are loudly sing folk songs, and there is nothing except of absolute understanding of who you really are. To these mountains I made my first trip ever as a 5-year old kid.

Each return to the Carpathians is always a new adventure. This time we’ve covered more than 100 km, conquered all 2000-meters peaks, swam in the highest Ukrainian lake, fled away from lightning and hail, caught rain with our tongues, watched the clouds’ birth, were woken up by the bells of the sheep herds, slept among wild horses and drowned in the vast blueberry fields. We’ve been searching for ourselves and found the truth of being independent.

I’ll share this incredible story on 12 March. Let’s have a look at the endless horizons and skip the sound of the wind among the mountain peaks into the souls. Welcome in my native Ukraine, welcome to the Carpathians!”

Kazakhstan – Iwa Pawlak

The Carpathians – Anna Perepechai

12.03.2015, 20:00

Atelier Schwartz, Förstereistr. 3, 01099 Dresden

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