Winterreisen – Syrien, Jordanien, Libanon (Mirko Sennewald)

The Revolutions in the Arab world have changed this region. Just before the war broke out we visited Beirut, Damascus, Aleppo, Amman, Petra and the Red Sea. Our mission: following the trails of Armenia in Lebanon and Syria, and transforming it in a documentary , which we actually never finished. All the people that we met there and the collected impressions showed us that the conflicts were always seething in the background long before the start of the direct conflicts. It was also a proof that the different sides of interests are complicated until today. Also on the trail of the Human history: unique cultural sites and a breathtaking world cultural heritage.

02/26/2014, 8pm
Atelier Schwartz, Förstereistr.3, 01099 Dresden
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