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Atelier workshop – Effi Mora

Effi Mora‘s favourite medium is aquarelle, because it can only be controlled to a limited extent. Aquarelle simply does what it wants, and the art is to combine the spontaneous with the planned.
The essential themes in Effi Mora’s works are people and their interactions, but also scenic, dreamy, sometimes morbid landscapes that can be understood as inner sanctuaries.

The studio workshops take place in the artists’ rooms or in rented rooms. Three areas are illustrated in terms of content:

  1. The way to art: The biography of the artist – told or illustrated
  2. Working techniques: How and with what is worked?
  3. Instructions for trying it out: The participants illustrate a biographical moment in their lives

18 female artists or illustrators from Dresden are working on the project. They open their studios and show the participants their works, their working techniques and report on their lives as artists/illustrators.


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The project LebensBILD. bioGrafische Begegnungen is sponsored by House of Resources Dresden. This measure is co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget adopted by the Saxon State Parliament within the framework of the State Programme Integrative Maßnahmen.

28. November 2020

14:00 - 17:00


Johannstädter Kulturtreff e.V.
Elisenstraße 35
01307 Dresden

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